In love, loving it, and how!



While Samantha and Siddharth haven’t exactly confessed to being in love, they clearly gave away some tell-tale clues. “This is the happiest I’ve been all my life. So, you catch me in the best season of my life and I really love it. Suddenly, I feel like God is smiling a lot on me again… I hope he or she keeps this going for sometime. I’ve been waiting for this phase for a while and now it’s finally here,” said Siddharth, when asked about Samantha who was more straight-forward in her admission, “Yes, I am in love. I think whatever it is, it’s extremely permanent. We are going very strong and I am very happy.”

Samantha publicly acknowledged how much she missed Siddharth on the recent awards night when she took home two Best Actor awards for her Tamil and Telugu films.

Speculations were rife about Simbu and Hansika being a couple. The duo finally made a public announcement to end all rumours. “Yes, I’m in love with Simbu. But, we are not engaged nor are we thinking of marriage now,” admitted Hansika. “We are very much together. We are planning to get married, but not anytime soon. I have always been open about my life so far and I thought this would be the right time to talk about it. There’s a lot of speculation about our personal lives and I just want to clear the air,” said the Vaalu actor.

Though she is yet to match-up to elder sister Kajal in terms of reaching professional heights, actor Nisha Aggarwal was very vocal when admitting to being smitten. “Yes, I’m in love and it isn’t somebody from the industry. I will make an announcement when the time is right,” Nisha was quoted as saying.
So that makes it three admissions in six months. Clearly, talking about being in love isn’t such a taboo any more. If only others too follow suit…

Actress Lakshmi Rai recently admitted that she was in love too. She announced that her special person was not from the film industry. “Yes I am seeing someone. He is a south-based businessman. I do not wish to reveal anything more about him now,” she said.

Actor Shanthnoo says he and Manada Mayiladahost Kirthi are just ‘good friends.’ Dismissing recent rumours, he said, “No wedding bells for now. Our parents are yet to meet and decide about anything.”

Amala Paul is reportedly in love with a leading director, but she’s not opened up about it yet.