I’m heartbroken : Cheran


The last few days have been tough on directoractor Cheran, with his daughter Damini filing a case against him, claiming that he objected to her love for her boyfriend Chandru. A distraught Cheran tells KT, “I have been avoiding calls on this issue as I fear that this will depress me if I keep on talking about it. I am facing a personal crisis and I’m not thinking about anything other than my daughter at the moment.”
The Autograph star is viewing the issue just as any normal father would. “I know that I’m not a hero (like in the movies) to tackle this problem overnight. I know very well that cinema and real life are different. I’d request everyone to view me as a father who has been striving hard to provide a good life to his daughter. I didn’t use my power anywhere and I am trying to solve the problem honestly, with legal help. The case is in the court and I hope to get justice.”
At the recent press meet, Cheran seemed heartbroken. He says, “How will I not be heartbroken? Can any father handle this with ease? It’s only the affection that I have for my daughter that has given me the patience to endure all this pain.” The actor also reportedly broke down when Damini told the courts that she wished to live with Chandru’s family.
His friends from the film industry, especially directors, have been supportive of Cheran. He says, “My industry friends are with me. Many of them have called and spoken with me. My heart is injured and it’s their support and words that are like a heart transplant for me.”
So, is he upset with his daughter since the controversy broke out? He states, “It’s not my daughter’s fault. She is just 20; she is not in a state of mind to understand anything. This is not the time to get angry. I think this is the time to struggle for the good.”