Ilaiyaraja’s sings a duet after a decade

The film Ajantha is being made simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada, has Ramana playing the lead in the Tamil version. Ramana plays an upcoming music artiste.

After finishing a recording, he is on his way home when he sees an artist is creating art on the street. He is stricken with awe. Onlookers are giving the artist a few rupees each but not as much as the artist expected. At this point, it begins to rain and the drawing begins to dissolve as the onlookers disperse. Ramana hands over his entire ‘bata’ for the day to the artist. Rajpa Ravishankar, producer-director of Ajantha, is confident about his project.

Ilaiyaraja’s scintillating numbers, nine of them including a kirtana, will ring in every connoisseur’s ears for long. After nearly a decade, Ilaiyaraja has sung a duet for Ajantha with Shreya Goshal.