If it is Angaadi Theru for Anjali it is Kaaviya Thalaivan for me : Vedhika


Actress Vedhika have acted in few Tamil films including Madrasi, Muni, Chakkarakatti and Paradesi. She would have gone places after acting in Muni but the mistake she committed was that she started concentrating in other language films and ultimately she could not make it big anywhere.

At this point of time when she got the opportunity to act in Paradesi directed by Bala, she had a strong determination that she should concentrate only in Tamil films and go to greater heights. Her role in this film Paradesi was much spoken about but since the film did not do well at the box office, she went unnoticed by the producers.

Now she is currently pairing with Siddarth in the film Kaaviya Thalaivan directed by Vasanthabalan. Vedhika is acting in this film with the same confidence she had while acting in Paradesi. Angaadi Theru was directed by Vasanthabalan which had Anjali in the female lead role. This film was a turning point in her career. So Vedhika has been mentioning that Kaaviya Thalaivan will be a turning point in her career.

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