‘I would’ve been running a video library’ – Ram Gopal Varma

Ace filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is a man who doesn’t care about any criticisms. Indeed, he marked an open statement that he never cares about any media channels criticizing him. More than all, the moviemaker is reportedly known for not seeking any advice.

Accordingly, one of his regular visitors in his blog questioned him and here goes a small excerpt over it.

A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.

Ans: Your point is right but the example is not. A lion does not need the approval and advises of other lions on how to hunt. That’s because all the lions will be different in their individual levels of strength, their capacity to run and how they strategize depending on their study of an individual hunt. So if one lion tells another lion ‘run faster’ or say ‘instead of going from behind that bush go from behind this bush’ the advisor lion is the stupid one.

The only truth of life is that if the lion is not doing it right, it will perish by the diktats of the survival of the fittest mode.

P.S: If I listened to advisors I would have been still running my video library in Hyderabad.

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