I Would Love to Direct Superstar – Director Hari


Singam II is perhaps the only sequel in Tamil cinema where the entire cast from the original version -namely, Suriya, Anushka, Vijayakumar, Vivek, Sumithra, Manorama, Nasser, Radha Ravi, Nizhalgal Ravi and Janaki Sabesh -is being repeated.

Director Hari, known for his commercial, actionpacked scripts, made time for a chat with KT.
BREAKING THE JINX: Sequels are yet to pick up pace in Tamil cinema. One should have a great deal of conviction before making one. It’s very important that they be made with passion and not just for fun.
The unpredictable plot with many twists and turns, high-profile star cast, scintillating music and action packed, nail-biting finish, was the USP of Singam. We worked with the same zeal for the sequel too which should repeat box-office magic.

SURIYA, THE STUNT MAN: Since Suriya plays a cop, there are several risky stunt sequences in the film.
The committed actor that he is, he wanted to do most of the high-octane stunts himself, without a double.
He was required to be in water in Malaysia for a 35day shoot of an underwater fight sequence.

He even learnt to drive a speed boat for the segment.
There is a particularly intense scene at the police station where an angry Suriya hits the table with full force.

He hit it so fiercely that the tabletop glass shattered.
We were shocked.
Fortunately, there was a cloth file on which Suriya’s blow landed.
TWO HEROINES, BUT NO CAT FIGHTS: These days everyone is mature. Both Anushka and Hansika (who is the new addition) knew their portions. Even while narrating the script I told them that I needed them for these many number of days only. So, there were no hassles! SANTHANAM’S DUET WITH ANUSHKA: Santhanam has five songs in Singam II. An intro, duet (with Anushka), emotional, sentimental -you have to watch it to experience the fun.

If the opportunity comes, I would love to direct the Superstar. But now, I am moving on next to a Karthi film, set in Kovai.

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