I will not write songs for Bharathiraja: Gangai Amaran


Gangai Amaran has mentioned that he will not pen songs for Bharathiraja. When asked the reason for this, he said, “Annakodi film launch function was held in Madurai. My brother Ilayaraja was seated in the first row in the stage.

Since our relationships are strained I sat in the back row. When I spoke on this occasion I said, “I am very happy that I am the brother of Ilayaraja. In the earlier days I use to see him at the sanctum sanctorum.

Now I worship him standing.” When I said these words I became emotional and started crying. I was not able to speak further. Bharathiraja who spoke after me said, “I am speaking from Madurai soil. We all three should join hands once again (Ilayaraja, Bharathiraja and Vairamuthu).” He never spoke about me getting emotional.

It could be understood that from his talk that money was his motive. There was no affection in it. Money is his sole aim. From that day I decided I should not write songs for him. The song Porala which I had written for Annakodi will be my last song for him. What work do I have in a place where there is no value for friendship?”

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