“I will not wear swim suit and act in films” says Sneha

Sneha has become very youthful these days. Kamal who was stunned at her youthful appearance said in a satirical way that Sneha had never mentioned that she had a younger sister while speaking at the audio launch function of the film Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru. He also added that she was looking very beautiful because of her slimness and appreciated for this. Sneha was highly exhilarated on Kamal’s comment. There was news that she had slimmed because she will be wearing wim suit in the film Goa.

When asked about this she said, “Kamal’s sir speech gives me a lot of encouragement and motivation. Because of rigorous exercises and strict diet I was able to reduce my weight and keep me trim. All the ordeals I had gone through has vanished from my mind because of Kamal’s comments. There is news that I am acting in swim suit in the film Goa That is wrong. I will never act in swim suits. I have so far acted in family oriented roles and I will continue to do so. My fans will accept me only these roles. The news that I am doing a vamp role in Goa is not true. My role in this film is very meaty one. I liked the story very much and that is why I agreed to act n this film.”

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