I m shocked that some male friends seek fair brides – Vishaka Singh


Actress Vishakha of Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya
fame is now going to lend her name to the Dark Is Beautiful campaign, for which Nandita Das is the brand ambassador. The actress will also be shooting a television commercial (TVC) for this campaign.
“I’ve always been against skin colour determination — starting from studying about apartheid in school and experiences from my personal life, as I’m the darkest member in my family. During my school years, I always had insensitive people walk up to me and ask why I was so dark compared to my siblings. Taunts from relatives saying it would be a problem getting me married as I was dark would always put me off. If it weren’t for my parents and siblings who made me realize how shallow these comments were, I would have grown up with an inferiority complex,” says Vishkakha and adds, “I’m still shocked that even now, some of my educated male friends seek ‘fair’ brides.”
It was danseuse Aparna Nagesh who told her about
this campaign when they
had met at an event.
Interestingly, a few years
earlier, Vishakha was
part of a fairness soap TVC, in which she transformed from being ‘Dull Divya’ to ‘Dhool Divya’ after using the soap. But she justifies that saying that it was for advertising Vitamin E in the soap, the usage of which results in glowing skin. “Glow and radiance are not synonymous with fairness. A brown skin can glow too. In fact, even the brand ambassador for the soap was not a fair skinned actress,” she explains.
She also states that the Dark Is Beautiful campaign is not against fair people. “It’s also not against a person’s personal choice of products. It only wants to propagate that every skin shade is beautiful and your worth is not determined by your skin colour. It is against the regressive belief that fair skin ensures success. This is the theme that will be reflected in the campaign,” she says.

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