I m glad for the actors of my age and stage says Aadhi


I’m glad for the actors of my age and stage says Aadhi…

Actor Aadhi is an absolute reflection of today’s generation…aggressive to achieve, nevertheless big hear ted to appreciate his competitors. He has got a lot to say about the current crop of young actors like Vijay sethupathy,Siva karthikeyan,Atharva and Vikram Prabhu who had been on the top of the graph . I’m glad for them and i honestly believe the success of these guys ensures the sustainability of good scripts that would help other actors like me when we get our days of glory . I learnt this from my mother, every body has got a place in this earth she says and i believed it and hence forth this cool composed, dignified uni formal reactions to both the ups and downs of my career . Is this character originated from his current film ‘ Yaakavaraayinum Naa Kakka’ directed by his brother Sathya Prabhas, the actor says a big ‘Yes’ and calls this film that would change his fortunes for ever . He had been trying hard to recite the dialogues of Kochadaiyan with precision and perfection and this is helping me to explore more about the richness of this language Tamil says Aadhi and narrates the experience of working with the super star as a ‘ Boon’. He is highly excited on the discussions he had been holding with a reputed production house who had started the concept of the small budget movies and is pretty confident that the second half of the year 2013 will bring fortunes to him !!!

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