‘I feel chilled when I’m with Ajith’ – Sameera Reddy

Ah! What a astonishing statement? Of course, it’s a clichéd statement made by every actress pairing up with Ajith Kumar. Sameera Reddy who shot to fame right on her debut with ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ is arriving in Chennai shortly by this weekend for her ‘ASAL’. The actress who hasn’t met Ajith Kumar more than a time (she met him while signing agreement for this flick) speaks a lot about him. She says, “ Ajith is a cool person to move along with. He’s so chilled and for a great surprise he can speak fluently in Hindi and that would help me a lot while filming for ASAL…”

Speaking about her psychological thriller with Gowtham Menon, she adds “I have no idea about what the complete script is? But I have a great confidence on Gowtham with his brilliant scripting…

So, Ajith’s ASAL is an Action-Thriller while Gowtham Menon’s one is a psychological thriller.

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