‘I am quite nervous about Aadhavan’ – Actor Surya

Actor Surya – surefooted winner at box office has no terms of ‘flops’ in his career… All his films have been a great blockbuster at box office and then here comes ‘Aadhavan’. The film is all slated to hit the screens for Diwali with big bonanzas for Diwali.

Featuring Surya and Nayanthara in lead roles, the film is directed by K.S .Ravikumar and Udhyanidhi Stalin has produced it. Yesterday morning, actor Surya, director K.S. Ravikumar and producer Udayanidhi Stalin were present interacting with media channels.

On the occasion, one of the journalists pointed out that ‘Aadhavan’ will be a sure hit, but then the actor said, “Maybe, but I am still nervous since none can predict the film’s success prior to its release.”

When asked about the specialty of this film, Surya said that he has performed with the looks of 10-boy year old that will appear for next 10-15mins. First, the entire film wasn’t so sure about it, but the Mumbai based visual effect specialist Govadhan had made it possible…

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