‘I am not interested in remix, But Directors do’ – Imaan speaks out

Followed by the grand success of ‘Masilamani’, D. Imaan right on the seventh heaven leaping with more offers. Yesterday, he happened to express his elatedness for making the film as well his music so successful. On the occasion he said, ‘To offer music in yet more enhanced manner, I have got the latest equipments into my studios. Usually, I don’t like remixing the songs.

But every filmmaker approaches me with the same deal that I cannot avoid.’ At the moment, D. Imaan is busy scoring music for around 10 films that includes, ‘Nootrukku Nooru’, ‘Katcheri Arambam’, ‘Naan Avanillai-2’, ‘Odi Polama’ and more flicks. Also, he has planned about making a Christian-based devotional album that happens to be his long time run of dream.