“I am helpless, I am cornered’ – Jai Akash

Usually we don’t get to know the reason why actors and actresses get zeroed when shooting for a film gets released. Here comes one more film ‘Adada Enna Azhagu’ that had its audio launched yesterday here in Chennai. Both Director and actors of the film had met media channels and answered to their questions.

On this occasion, as one of the journalists raised their question whether it was Jai Akash who delayed the shooting works? Much before Director Jai Murugan could speak on this; Jai Akash took the mike to his side and said he had given call sheet for 150days. Amongst them, stunts sequences were alone shot for continuous 50 days. Also added that scenes involving Raghuvaran had to be reshot over his demise and it alone took 40 days to complete his portions.

Director Jai Murugan speaking on his turn said that it is the first ever film of Jai Akash that has been churned out at a big budget of Rs.7Crores. Well, since none of the distributors came forward to release, the producer himself has spent one more Crore rupees to release the film. Jai Murugan has said that he has full confidence that the film would be extremely doing well across all the centres. Director himself has penned the lyrics and has assured that songs would as nice it was in his previous film ‘Nilavae Malarae’…

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