How ‘Vaamanan’ could’ve been a hit?

Few said, “A decent effort”, while many said, “Completely disappointing”. Naturally, we belonged to the ‘Few’ category as we came up with the same verdicts.

Director Ahmed, the debutant had earnestly added flamboyant features to the Hollywood flick ‘Following’ directed by Christopher Nolan. Steadfast with certain diminishing factors, Ahmed stumbled on many parts.

Let’s start off with the film’s synopsis first.

The film is about Anand (Jai), one amongst thousand youngsters who aspires to become an actor. With Chennai as his destination, he stays at the place of his friend (Santhanam) and comes across Divya (Priya) and falls in love with her. On the course of meeting, he coincidentally comes across a stranger (Raghuman) who looks so smart and stylish. As his friend advised him to follow certain strangers and adapt their mannerisms on the screens, he follows him and indeed gets trapped. But sooner they turn to be friendlier and later Anand gets to know that he’s a new kind of thief. He doesn’t steal the things but likes to barge into other’s privacies. But prior to all, the film opens with an ad filmmaker shooting a modeling shot with Actress Pooja (Lakshmi Rai) with the new style. It’s all about fixing camera in the mini-helicopter working on remote control. But when things move out of control, the helicopter on a long air gets stuck amidst of a Coconut tree. What it captures over there is nothing but the murder of a yet-to-become chief minister (Delhi Ganesh) by his party member Anbu (Sampath).

On the further course, all this parallel tracks coalesce and what happens next is Jai wedged between betrayals and shocking bizarre? Will he save himself? Find out the next on the screens.

First Half – Perfect

Ahmed had crafted an interesting screenplay in first half.

The prologue portions where we’re taken into the story’s conflict much before film’s title credits with characterizations involved as a stupendous job.

Santhanam made it much bigger in first half. You can, he was a complete hero in first half. Oorvasi added more to the humor quotients. This duo on ‘Cookery show’ was fabulous as they caused severe stomachache with this comedy.

Nothing wrong in picking ‘Following’, but he hadn’t presented it well enough appreciable. Rahman was spotted with amateurish traits.

Priya Anand isn’t worth speaking about. She had no big screen presence. Ahmed should have opted for some other actress and enhanced her characterization much equivalently to the protagonist.

The first half prolongs with longer duration. The actress should’ve been killed merely the interval point.

Second Half – Very-Very Long

‘Vamanan’ happens to be a strong mythological character although minimal-sized in appearance. He uses his mind to deteriorate the evil plans of baddies. But, over here we see such things happening only in the penultimate sequences. That gradually keeps you awaited for a long time to happen.

Stereo-typed characterization of Oorvasi and Priya Anand in the second half where hero fails to convince them… finally, he hears Oorvasi saying, “God is there…” (So stupid).

Rahman suddenly absents himself and shows up a baddie… that actually gives a right guess for the audiences about the reality he is the real killer.

However, the filmmaker tries to give an impressive twist with flashback sequences of ‘Railway Station’ and ‘Train murder’ sequence.

But the most and ever irritating part is where our hero escapes, runs from the clutches of police. Oh my God! There you’ve a sentimental song about the pitiable protagonist.

Says one of the reigning editors of Tamil Cinema, “The film would have done extremely well, if Ahmed had applied ‘scissor-cuts’ for those 25mins of second half… He must not be concerned about the clichéd timing of 2 ½ hrs and fill the space merely for it…”


If Ahmed had applied such techniques, then there would’ve been more chances for the film being a good hit receiving laurels from the audiences.

Of course, we aren’t coming up with clear-cut conclusion that these are the perfect details.

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