How flop Mumbai heroines become successful in Kollywood?

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Why don’t our filmmakers offer chances to the existing talented Tamil speaking actresses? Say for instance, actress Karthika happens to be a good looking girl with simple traits and has more potentials to strike spectacularly.

But we just want to list series of few actresses, who were terribly unsuccessful in Bollywood and somehow made it big in Tamil film industry…

We aren’t specific about any actresses, but you should have a blatant idea about how it has been happening all over these years.

Simran, Jyothika, Reema Sen were the most unsuccessful heroines of Bollywood, who were thrown out of film industry in Hindi with their debut flop – Simran with ‘Tere Mere Sapne’, Jyothika with ‘Doli Saja Ki Rakna’. On pars, Namitha has been the worst of all actresses who hardly shows her assets. Maybe, she’s the highest googled actress, not for those who are so transfixed with her acting.

You know why? If not, just search for Namitha in Google and you will not see a single link speaking about her films. It’s all about the title – Namitha’s latest photo gallery, Namitha’s hot scenes and more.

On the pars, some of our filmmakers strongly boasting to spread the essence of nativity themes are so interested in roping just Malayalam actresses. Oops! This is really ridiculous and something must be done.

When one understands the essence of Tamil language and reads it literature, he/she can easily gain more powerfulness over acting arenas and so on other departments.

Even some of our actresses born in Tamil Nadu feel so prideful in saying that they don’t know to speak Tamil and it has become a big fashion now.

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