Hollywood Vs Bollywood Vs Kollywood

Is this title seems to sound quite different and interesting? Yup! We are sure, it might be puzzling for you to understand what we are speaking about. Today, March 21, Chennai has some interesting flicks to get it watched. Earlier, we had stated that its only Kannum Kannum hitting screens this Friday. But however, final moment changes have been made and we have Inba along with Sundar C starrer Sandai.

Apart from these Kollywood flicks, we have one of the most expected Bollywood thriller Race directed by Abbas-Mastan. Well, getting on with Hollywood, Denis Quad starrer Vantage Point is getting released not just in English, but also in dubbed version of Tamil titled ‘Kuri’.

Jackie Chan’s movie Police Story too will make its way on the screens along with others.

With a long weekend holidays, we are sure guys and gals can catch up for any of these movies. And don’t forget to read the reviews of all these movies exclusively on Kollywood Today…

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