Hit and Misses of 2008 – Up to May

Just when it comes to comparison between hits and flops in Tamil Cinema during 2007 and 2008, the graph is sure to be lower for the successful films released during this year. 2007 had great enormous unexpected films making great collections at the box-office.

But this year, none of the films has made it big in Kollywood and that looks somewhat ridiculous. The month of January had the season of Pongal where films like Bheema, Kaalai, Pirivoam Sandhipoam and Vaazthugal were released. Though couple of films had great star casts, the film turned out into a great flop. Of course, Pirivoam Sandhipaom proved to be a family entertainer, but up to some extend it could entertain the audiences. The films goes as a great disappointment for B and C centres.

Other set of movies that released in the following seaon were Anjathey, Saadhu Miranda, Kannum Kannum, Slia Nerangalil and other low budget movies. If one movie that makes us sing appraisals is Mysskin’ directorial Anjathey. Though the film didn’t fetch the name of blockbuster, the film was really impressing for all the groups and Mysskin got his film certified as the best master piece.

Saadhu Miranda directed by Director Siddhique was rocking at theatres for a long time and it was a suspense-thriller blended with comedy. The film had Prasanna, Kavya Madhan and Abbas in lead roles. The following week had the release of Sundar C’s Sandai that was a commercial flick entertaining the audience.

April had more than couple of films like Nepali, Santhosh Subramaniam, Arai En 305il Kadavul, Thozha like… Among these, it was only Santhosh Subramaniam that did a moderate business in the box-office as well received good feedbacks from the audiences. We are sure, those who came up with the feedback that the movie is excellent wouldn’t have watched the original Telugu version. Leave it! The brother combo Raja- Ravi cant get it going if these continues….

Bharath is a man who wants to acquire the position of Kamal Haasan within a short period of time. Is this a joke or a serious ambition? If he opts for something big and tries hard working for it, then no problem, but Bharath takes the scripts in such a way that it goes more similar to that of Kamal Haasan. A small boy playing triple action roles are really not acceptable and out of over curiosity, Bharath had it as a chance and that brought down his envy.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini was a remake presented with brother combination of Selvaraghavan and Dhanush. Though the film had great star cast and crew, the film wasn’t done so specially as in the original version.

Arai En 305il Kadavul had some similarities of Hollywood movie Bruce Almighty. But Director Simbhu Devan added some good messages along with a good humor. According to Kollywood Today, this is the one good movie that entertained the audiences for this summer despites not making good collections.

Well, at the very beginning of May, one of the expected movies Kuruvi was the greatest flop than all. We are sure, nothing needs to be discussed more about it and also you have send in your opinions about it….

So, taking up the movies released during the first five months, none of them have done it big… Cool, don’t worry we have whole lot of big movies releasing during this second season and our next exclusive would be on those movies that is gonna rock in the coming times.

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