Hip-hop style songs in Tamil Cinema

Crossing various genres of music, Tamil Cinemas has experienced a wide round of classics, raps and more. Here comes music director Mariya Manohar who had different plans for his forthcoming flick. Are you guessing, who this Mariya Manohar? Probably, because he is new to Tamil Cinema and made his debut with the film ‘Nayagan’ featuring J.K.Ritish and Ramana in lead and now he has been immersed in lots of offers.

His next film produced and directed by unknown film personalities is titled as ‘Naalum Therinja Irandu Paer’. The entire songs in this album will be tuned in the Hip Hop kind of style. Hip hop style is nothing but uttering dialogues, singing rap and blending with musical tunes. Mariya Manohar has been a sound engineer for several projects and learned the music professionally and also has released music albums in Hindi.

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