High drama in mid sea

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Because of the low tide in the sea, Jagan Mohini crew was held in the middle of the sea. Jagan Mohini is is the remake of the 1977 hit film which was made in Telugu and later dubbed in Tamil. This film was the greatest hit. The remake version is being produced H Murali. Namitha, Nila, Raju, Jothilakshmi and others are in the cast.

N K Viswanathan is directing the remake version. A ship was rented to shoot a fighting sequence. The sequence was supposed to be shot in the mid sea near Andaman Islands. So the ship was navigated to the point where the shooting was supposed to take place. The fight sequence was supposed to feature Raju and the villains.

But due to the low tide the ship was stationed and the shoot could not go on. The tide did not rise for more than four hours so the ship was not able to move about. The whole team consisting of Raju, Namitha, Stunt master Super Subbarayan, director N K Viswanathan, cinematographer and producer H Murali were stranded and they were all perturbed because they did not get signal on the mobile phones. Luckily some passer bys on the boat approached them and enquired about their problem.

These people after reaching the main land informed concerned people and arranged rescue boats to bring the crew back.