High Court calls Kamal Haasan for explanation

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Looks like Kamal Haasan is much bounded to serious situation ever since Pyramid Saimira registered a complaint against him at Chennai High Court. Now the magistrates of Chennai HC have called forth Kamal Haasan to render explanations.

Recently, during last week it was conveyed that the production house had paid Rs.10 Crores as token advance to Kamal Haasan for 100-Crore budgeted flick ‘Marmayogi’. But incisively, as the project was shelved due to financial constraints Kamal had diverted for the funds for his upcoming film ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’.

In spite of Kamal Haasan addressing the media channels about his own version, he has been strictly called on to answer situation’s call.

Let’s hope Padmashree sorts out these issues prior to film are release on September 18.

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