Heart-binding love tragedies of Tamil Cinema

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Let it be an ordinary man moving across the platforms or a Government Employee or top-charting tycoon. Everyone have a great likeliness for their sweethearts in their lives. Well, here are some of the heart-binding tragedies in Tamil Cinema where not just the protagonist but entire mass feel sympathetic with his sweet girl’s death…. Precisely, there’ve been many films of that sort and we have merely focused on this decade.

Kaakha Kaakha – An unexpected twist in the tale after a day of their marriage. Jyothika’s death scene in this film had got us moved more with emotions, especially when he knows that there’s only 1% left for her life and runs for aid.

Vaaranam Aayiram – Again, Gowtham Menon had spelled an emotional sort of action with Surya losing his ladylove Sameera Reddy just at his sight on a bomb blast.

Ananda Thandavam – How can one resist an innocent girl getting for a worst culmination? Perhaps, her death in the climax part and following parts in airport was more moving.

Sarvam – This is the ever best stunningly crafted situation as the title suggests anything can happen within next fraction of seconds. Elatedly moving for a cycle race on Elliots Beach road, things go worst. Right after getting to know about her death, Aarya emotes stupendously where none of the actors have performed before.

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