Health Minister is in all praise for Rajnikanth

Anbumani Ramdoss who rubbed the wrong side of the Bollywood superstars is in all praise for our Superstar Rajnikanth for not smoking on screen in his last two films and hoped Bollywood biggies would follow the example of the South Indian actor. Concerned over the impression they leave on youngsters when they smoke on silver screen, Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramdoss has urged Bollywood mega stars Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan to desist from smoking in their films.

Anbumani Ramdoss pointed out that in Rajni kanth’s last two major money spinners Sivaji-the Boss and Chandiramukhi, there were no scenes featuring him smoking. Smoking thus need not be an onscreen necessity for any actor to boost his image. The Tamil superstar quit smoking on screen after Ramdoss made an appeal to him to give up a cigarette smoking mannerism on screen. There were no smoking scenes in Rajnikanth’s last two movies and they were biggest grosser in the history of Indian films.

Rajnikanth and the minister’s father and PMK founder S Ramdoss had crossed swords during the release of the Rajnikanth’s movie “Baba” in 2002. The PMK founder had accused actor Rajnikanth, who has a huge fan following across South India, of “spoiling” the younger generation who emulate his “smoking style” on-screen.

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