Hari’s Vel: Shreya or Asin

Hari’s Vel: Shreya or Asin

Hari’s Vel failed to convince Shreya to act in the film along with Surya, Shreya rejected the offer on the ground saying already I am busy with Vijay in ATM and Vikram’s Kandasami, besides Shreya also doing two films simultaneously in Hindi. Even, before Sivaji picked up her race with leading heroines in Tamil.

So, Hari team now approached Asin for theleading role in Vel, with Surya. Already Surya-Asin pair good track record, so Asin may go for Director Hari’s Vel. Even Asin’s market was hiked after the release of Ghajini. Except Rajnikanth, Asin has shared her frame almost with all other leading stars in Tamil cinema.

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