Hansika moment of misery, loses flight

HTML clipboardActresses losing flights have become common issues these days and media channels have been publishing so many useless facts of that sort. Here comes news on that dimension and this time, it’s about actress Hansika Motwani.

The South India’s hottie makes her debut in Jeyam Ravi’s ‘ITCH’ starring Jeyam Ravi in lead roles. The film started rolling in Paris and she had plans about flying down to London in the interim. Meanwhile, as she was about to depart from her motel, the actress was taken into an extreme of missing her passport. Soon the hotel management started up for a big search and finally found that the passport was placed in her other bag.

It was a moment to cherish back and the actress took deep breath of happiness nearly after 4 hours.

A beautiful careless girl, isn’t?

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