Guinness Record – Very Soon to Hit Screens

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Finally, Suresh Joachim will set the record of having completed a feature film within 12 days. The smart young lad has already achieved various records in many arena that including the feats of having watched television shows non-stop for 69 hours and 48 minutes; led a music band for 42 hours and 52 minutes; and spent 123 hours watching movies …

Speaking to the media channels, he has stated that the film will start rolling from 13 April at Pondicherry and will be completed by April 25 at 6 PM. He has thanked the entire cast and crew of his film having supported him with good heartedness. Meera Jasmine plays the female lead while the cast includes Vivek, Suman, Alex, Bose Venkat, and Vijaykrishna Raj among others. Deva tunes in melody to the lyrics of Vairamuthu. V Prabhakaran has penned dialogues while Srinivas, Indrajith and Jamal Deen cranked camera and V T Vijayan on editing…

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