G.Srinivasan Expired

G.Srinivasan Expired

Mani Rathnam’s trusted lieutenant and brother G Srinivasan died in a mishap on Sunday. G.Srinivasan, younger sibling brother of Mani Rathanam who is part of major production team died when he was taking part in trekking activities, he slipped and fell on the ground from a mountain lead to severe head injury. He was rushed to hospital but he was declared dead.

Apart from blood relation, G.Srinivasan had major stake in Mani Rathnam’s Madras Talkies and also co-produced all Mani Rathinam movies. As of now, Mani Rathinam is in Cannes and he will be back within two day to take part in the G. Srrinivasan funeral. team conveys the condolence to Mani Rathinam family.

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