Groundbreaking Movies of 2008

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The year 2008 has been quite a disappointing one for all the film buffs. The movies they expected a lot flunked miserably at box office while the films made at low budget leaped with high laurels. Kollywood Today brings you the exclusive of such groundbreaking films made at low budget and peaked with high profits.

Saroja – This isn’t a low budget film as in Venkat Prabhu’s directorial ‘Chennai 600 028’. Produced by Pyramid Saimira, the film had successfully completed 100 Days with high profits.

Subramaniapuram – Sasi Kumar made his debut directorial; performance on the screen as well produced it. Unable to raise more funds, the film was shot at 8mm camera. And now, the film has been winning high laurels, more awards and good profit. The film has been recently sold out for Telugu remake at the cost of Rs. 1Crore.

Poo –Followed by commercial films, Director Sasi stepped ahead for an offbeat theme that has won accolades for him. With no superstars and glamorous girls on lead role, the film has arrested everyone’s senses and expectations are lot as it would hold special position in the category of World Cinema.

Poi Solla Porom – Remake of Khosla Ka Ghosla and Director Vijay wins the race with big releases aside him. Not even a single person on main stream made their lead role. Shot in 33 days with low budget, the film made more rooms in multiplex and single screens crossing successful 100 days.

Anjathey – Again, it’s same off the classification. Produced by Nemikchand Jhabak, Mysskin wielded megaphone for this film. An upcoming actor Naren, Debutant Ajmal and a chocolate guy Prasanna turning into baddie made the film so successful.

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