Grand opening expected for Kuruvi

Just imagine! The bookings are opening at 10 in the morning and you have the securities over there in the theatres shouting at the throngs there ‘Bookings are full for Saturday and Sunday’. We were awestricken by these, how would this happen even a single fan of Vijay without booking the tickets it is houseful. Aggressive fans of Vijay were more frustrated saying that it is not a fair thing to be unjust for them for not opening the tickets at least in a minimum level.

Yelling to the occasion, they started screaming that they wont die to watch the movie getting the tickets in black. However, seems like the producers and distributors of the movie have blocked the tickets for the first two days. So, fans of Ilayathalapathy Vijay were turned down with disappointments and now we have to wait and see the feedback they give for the film.

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