Gowtham Menon – Ajith Kumar parts away: What’s the reason?

Director Gowtham Menon pioneered in Tamil cinema bringing in new genres. Perhaps, many called him as an auteur who can churn out the best films with best styles. Be it his debut directorial Minnale till his forthcoming film ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’, every film has been raising our anticipations more and more. With his ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ slated to hit the screens this weekend, there lies sad news about Gowtham. Yup! The sensational news about Ajith Kumar and Gowtham Menon project dropping off has sent many to great turmoil.

Sources have revealed that for past one year, ever since the agreement was signed Gowtham Menon didn’t reveal the story to actor or producers either. He wanted his script to be so secret so that if it is revealed to them it get spread out. Nevertheless, Ajith Kumar kept working on shedding his weight to down 25kgs. “You’ll play the role of a gangster and this character will ever remain cherished in the minds of your fans” said Gowtham to Ultimate star Ajith Kumar. So excited and high-spirited, Ajith Kumar started on preparing himself for the film that was supposed to have its filming hit the floors by this month end.

But then, Gowtham revealed the story to both Ajith and Sivaji Productions by last week and that had sent the actor to ultimate shock. Yeah, the actor was supposed to play the role of an international gangster named Abu Salim, who trapped by Indian Police regarding bomb blasts in India. His relationship with actress Monica Bedi is known to everyone and even she was imprisoned. The film was supposed to have Sameera Reddy in the role of actress Monica Bedi. Soon after reading the script, Ajith Kumar and his close friends advised him not to pick this role, since that dampen his mass image amongst his fans as audiences.

So, all that we want to ask Ajith Kumar is you an actor or performer? An actor is the one kind of Ajith who just picks up the role that has only simple and normal characters (Don’t take his Varalaaru’s characterization for this context. It was a good one by Ajith. But a performer is the one who changes his dimension from film to film with his characterization. Maybe Kamal Haasan and Surya would be the only performers in the town right now.

Remember this! Ajith Kumar had missed out the biggest of all opportunities like ‘Ghajini’, ‘Kaaka Kaaka’, Shankar’s ‘Jeans’, Bala’s ‘Nanda’ (Ajith and Sivaji Ganeshan were supposed to perform instead of Rajkiran and Surya) and ‘Naan Kadavul’, Director Vasanth’s ‘Nerukku Naer’ and many films… For over a decade, he is concerned a lot about his image-make over and didn’t step into next level. If Ajith had picked up these projects, he would have been one such actor peaking with glories in film industry….

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