Gowtham another Misadventure

Gowtham another Misadventure

After the utter failure of “Pachikli Muthucharam”, Director Gowtham intensified his work on forthcoming film Vaaranum Aayiuram. Before the Shooting kicks off at the early stage, now the buzz was Vaarnum Aayiuram is also derived from the Russian film titled “Character”. Before Gowtham himself accepted Pachikli Muthucharam is the remake of English novel Derailed, but the Pachikli Muthucharam fail to hit the screen hard.

But Gowtham, refused the buzz on the ground saying I am still working on the script. This time if Gowtham attempted to repeat the same mistake it will end in great disastrous for his film career and he will lose his “Good Will” in Kollywood Vattaram.

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