Good, worst heroines in Kollywood

Notwithstanding times, some of the heroines of Tamil film industry are there for a shorter time. There are few actresses who have been sustaining at the box office over for long days on the top of the charts. On the pars, there have been many missies who haven’t made it possible to get sustained.

In the golden days of Tamil film industry, Actresses Revathi, Radhika, Banu Priya and few were dominating the show. Later it was Kushboo who was remaining at highlight for a long time. Following them were Actresses Simran and Jyothika: the talented versatile personalities who entertained audiences with equal quotients of emoting to any circumstances on the screen. They were comfortable displaying lots of glamour and at the same time, very good performance.

But entering into nuptials, none of the actresses are able to shore upon their positions. Somewhat, Trisha is making her way opting for different shows now. In her initial stages, Trisha didn’t make much of good performance other than skin shows. But now, entry of smart actresses has landed her onto different conclusions saying, ‘no to glamour’. Her forthcoming films Abhiyum Naanum and Marmayogi may reveal of it.

Nayanthara hasn’t churned out an extraordinary performance in any of her films. Despites pairing up with Superstar Rajnikanth for 3 times, she has been struggling to give a single hit. Nevertheless, with Thamannah striding with good and decent efforts, Nayanthara, Trisha, Shriya Charan and others.

So, who’s gonna rule the Kollywood for this decade? Any guesses, just type in your favorite actresses below in the blog section…

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