Good news for music directors

Film makers can be happy about the background music for their films. Lekha Ratnakumar who is an ad film maker and has worked with leading ladies such as Jyotika, Sneha and Richa Palote has now come out with his one-of-kind library in collaboration with the German company Sonoton, which already has similar such libraries in a few other countries. Today, with more than 35 agents worldwide, SONOTON is the largest independent production music library in the world.

In Germany, SONOTON represents 22 international labels, and over 100 CDs from these labels are added each year. Hundreds of composers and producers from around the world contribute their talents to SONOTON, adding more than 60 new CDs to the catalogue in varying musical and compositional styles every year. This Music Library has close to 10,000 audio CDs with all kinds of music. Not just music albums, but even sheer sounds and rural beat s of nations across the world. In fact Rathnakumar had made use of his collections for the BG music for his Ad films.

The entire back ground music for the film Pathini was taken from this music library by spending 3 Lakh rupees but had the director taken little more seriously he could have done that for a scanty amount of Rs.50, 000. For further details, contact

Sonoton Music Library has its own website where the clients can log on and choose the wide range of musical collections. Over there, the clients do 20have a convenience where they can mix the music with a software SONOFIND. Clients willing to purchase the musical collection, can mail to the above given id and soon they will be provided with their requirement.

Each CD of musical collection will cost up to Rs.40,000 for a royalty of one year…

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