Glam-foodies and their mania

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Film celebrities are strictly meant for sticking to their diet schedules and perhaps, they’ll have to sacrifice their ducky foods. But here’s a group of celebrities, especially the hotties of Bollywood and Tollywood, who can give up their addiction for favorite foods. We bring you an exclusive look on those missies and their most loved munches.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan cannot stand against her temptations for the chocolates. Walk into her living room and open up her refrigerator and you’ll hundreds of varieties of chocolates.

Nayanthara loves bubble gums (yeah! It’s her mantra of life as well as bubble gum means something more) as she feels chewing it constantly offers more liveliness and energy for us all.

Sadha loves eating Pizzas all the time…

Charmi loves Tandoori Chicken and can have any big quantities at the same time….

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