Ghajini and Mumbai terror attacks’ effects on Sadha

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Quite perplexing, isn’t? What has Aamir’s Ghajini and Mumbai terror got to do with Actress Sadha. Well, of course there is more relevance as couple of her Hindi flicks got delayed on its releases. At the moment, she has completed shooting for Hindi movies ‘Khalbali – Fun Unlimited’ and ‘Click’. These films were supposed to hit screens somewhere in December. But unfortunately, Mumbai terror attacks on Nov 26 and Ghajini’s worldwide grand release gets her films hitting screens delayed.

Why hasn’t she got any offers in Tamil? ‘Of course, I had many offers’ prompts Sadha who continues, “Busy with my Hindi projects, I had no options other than refusing the best opportunities”. Also she has started shooting for her other Hindi movie ‘So Kicchadi’ that has no clues about who’s there on title cards.

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