Friday with no Tamil releases

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Oops! The previous Fridays were completely disappointing and this weekend will be a dry run for movie buffs as there wouldn’t any Tamil films hitting screens. Dated May 15, there are no new films releasing as almost all the theatres are filled with more releases.

The previous week’s release ‘Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam’ is doing good business irrespective of receiving mixed reviews while the other release ‘Kutty Pisasu’ has got some good feedbacks by kids and family audiences. The down south audiences, who love to watch potboilers are catching up with ‘Guru Shishyan’ and ‘Goripaalayam’ is an average hit in towns and villages.

Tomorrow, there would be no new movies making its way out from tunnel of light and we will have to wait for yet another week that will bring multiple releases on May 21.

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