‘For Passion, not for money’ – Actor RK

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Making a good performance with his previous ventures ‘Vaazthugal’ and ‘Thoondil’, actor RK hop-skips from character roles to lead role. Shaji Kailash, the finest filmmaker from God’s own country won laurels with his previous directorial ‘Thoondil’ starring Shaam and Sandhya in lead role. ‘Ellam Avan Seyal’ is a remake of his own directorial in Malayalam titled ‘Chintamani Kola Case’ starring Suresh Gopi and Bhavana in lead roles. The film is a suspense-thriller where Bhavana, an innocent and brilliant medical college student gets killed and 9 atrocious spicy girls are held responsible for it.

Tamil version has RK playing the role of Suresh Gopi while Bama from Kerala takes on the role of Bhavana while other 9 hot Mumbai girls are roped in. Yesterday, Actor RK had a special gathering with media channels and shared his thoughts. Speaking on the occasion, RK had said that he didn’t pick the task of acting for money and for his passion. On the film, the actor says ‘Ellam Avan Seyal’ would be more similar to the recent incident at Law College in Chennai that shocked everyone where a guy was beaten black and blue. Similarly, the same pity would be casted on the innocent girl on screen tots up RK. The film hit the screens on November 28 along with Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar starring Sakthi and Sandhya in lead roles…

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