My Films will not have smoking scenes henceforth – Director Rajesh


Director Rajesh has taken a decision — the lead characters in his films will no longer smoke. The filmmaker has featured most of his heroes in smoking scenes, right from his first film Siva Manasula Sakthi. So, what’s the reason for the change now? Says Rajesh, “I have consciously made this decision. Whenever my films get censored, the board members would suggest that I could have avoided smoking scenes. They have told me that such scenes glorify smoking and send a wrong message to the audience. They felt that a lot of youngsters who watch my films might get misguided by such scenes. So, instead of just putting the scroll for such scenes, I realized that we could do away with it completely.”
Will it create an impact with the audience? “I would get enough satisfaction if my nonsmoking heroes inspire at least a few youngsters.”
His soon-to-release All In All Azhaguraja’s teaser had comedian Santhanam imitating the awareness video against smoking. Ask Rajesh about it and he says, “Any message, if conveyed in a comic way, will interest the audience.” But, is it practically possible to avoid smoking scenes in films? “I have made it possible in my current film itself. Karthi is a non-smoker in it.”

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