Fever mania – Commercial Vs Offbeat Flicks

There are two things that people can’t live without: Cricket and Films. Much before a month, none of the producers or directors wanted to release their films with IPL mania ruling the masses. Even the biggest producer with a blockbuster project had to wait for the matches to get over. Right from the beginning of this year, we have been discussing the hits and misses of Tamil films. Well, prior to this IPL none of the films made it big at box-office and in the second season results are different.

Dasavatharam was the first flick to release in this season and as expected the film has turned into a big hit throughout the world. Fine! Much before completing a month of its release, Kuselan has started creating its mania among the masses. This might be an excitement for the diehard fans of Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan, but producers and distributors of medium and low budget flicks are those who are sufferers, since there are no theatres for them to get their films out of cans.

However, certain producers have boldly made it big releasing their films. Vallamai Tharayo, Aayudham Seivoam, Uliyin Osai, Ayyavazhi, and Subramaniapuram: these are the medium budget films of both commercial and offbeat themes.

Probably, Aayudham Seivoam was the only commercial movie amongst all and churned out good response among the masses. But, rest of the films moved on the offbeat themes that made good responses and few failing to make it.

Uliyin Osai, the film based on the backdrop of 12th Century during the period of Raja Raja Cholan is a splendid masterpiece from Kalainyar Karunanidhi. The film has won rave reviews not just from the film analysts, but among the masses. In contrast, Ayyavazhi had worst results. Despites, the film carrying good theme, it failed to make it big and that’s due to most uncollectible narration.

Vallamai Tharayo directed by debutant Madumitha was indeed a good story, but it was not appealing with the very way how it was delivered. Subramaniapuram is a great surprise making more than its expectations. The film is awesome and has made great opening right throughout the state. A well crafted theme made at the low budget and perhaps the best means of narration has made it successful.

So, the films based on offbeat themes have been well received by you viewers. We are happy that you viewers have made it big welcoming these films.

We thank each and every one of you on the behalf of the entire team of these films…

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