Father-Son combos in Kollywood – Does it work out?

Today’s, topmost celebrities in tinsel town were those who were elevated to the higher standards with no support. Just glimpsing back to the past, people have shown great support for many actors: no one expected a bus conductor turning into a superstar, a normal bike mechanic becoming an ultimate star, an ordinary man who dubbed for several actors for a period of 10 years and today turning out to be a top level mass hero.

Yup! Fathers want to launch their sons and make them successful to retain their name. S.A. Chandrashekar can be considered for the best illustration. Despites churning out around 6 flops together with his son, he made it a point in achieving his son’s triumph. And now, Vijay stands as the most leading star in the town. Recently, it was Bhagyaraj launching his son Santhanu with the film ‘Sakkarkatti’.

Many in the industry just want to introduce their sons into the field without even getting to know about their potentials. Be it comedian or hero on the screen, each and every actor want to introduce them as hero much before they would complete their 19th age.

On speaking about his, Actor Nasser said that it is a complete disaster to Tamil Cinema that most of the actors without even analyzing the traits of a performer want to get their sons by all means into the film industry. Also added that he has 3 sons and none of them would be entering the tinsel town and even in case getting anyone of them in, Nasser assures that it wouldn’t be in the form of hero, but as a good performer who can take up any characters and do the best…

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