Fake Trisha in Twitter

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Actress Trisha has become so busy across all the film industries in India and has gained more fans following her now. Eagerly, they have been logging into her twitter account and have been chatting with her.

But the actress now claims that she has never twitted so far on the twitter and facebook and someone has been playing wrong cards.

Fraud has taken place in the name of Trisha in the internet. Somebody has created a fake account in the Twitter and has posted her pictures. Many of the people thinking that it was real started writing her letters. Trisha was shocked when she came to know about this. She said,” I was shocked when I came to know that a fraud has taken place using my name. I am already having an account Trisha Thrashers in Twitter. Now somebody has created a fake account on my name.’ Trisha has planned to report this matter to the police. Earlier Nayanthara also faced such problem.

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