Exclusive: Should these three directors retire?

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Few filmmakers in Kollywood are badly deteriorating the existing prominence of Tamil Cinema and we bring you an exclusive about them. Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether they should stay back in film industry or quit making films.

1. Saran: The director couldn’t afford for better films other than ‘Kadhal Mannan’, ‘Amarkalam’ and ‘Gemini’. Precisely, ‘Vasool Raja MBBS’ was a hit because of its original storyline inherited from Hindi, Crazy Mohan’s dialogues and of course Kamal Haasan’s presence. If there could be one director, whose film has no quality contents, it’s none other than Saran.

2. Thankar Bacchan: He presumes himself to be a veteran and his films are masterpieces. He is well known for criticizing every filmmaker, whose films are city-oriented. During a recent interaction with media students, he mentioned that those who are sitting inside air conditioned rooms cannot make a film. Only those who know ‘Mann Vaasanai’ can achieve it. Then why is he struggling to give a single hit.

3. Mysskin: Fedrico Fellini and Akira Kurosawa were his childhood friends and they’re still residing together in the same house. Don’t laugh for this? Manifestly, he believes as though it’s a reality and keeps boasting about him. None of his films have yielded better results for his producers. If Ayngaran International needs one big appreciation, it would be for the sake of not releasing his long-awaited film ‘Nandhalala’ that wouldn’t run more than a week in any theatres. These were the reports from the audiences, who saw this film in various film festivals.

Kindly, express your views on these moviemakers, whether they should change their mindsets and make films for audiences and producers and incisively for their dream to come true.

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