Exclusive interview with Sana Khan

Sana Khan says that Sana means it is a plant in Heaven and it is also a prayer said before Namaz. In her interview recently she said.

How was your experience while acting with Shahrukh Khan?

There is a great ravenousness among not only Indian ladies but as well as foreign girls to act with Shahrukh. I was stunned by Shahrukh’s at his high energy level at the shooting spot. In one of the outdoor shooting the scene demanded that my hair should be in the air. Because of this there were lot of fans kept around me. But my hair used to get intertwined frequently and because of this I used to get tensed. But Shahrukh used to help me out by separating my hair each time. I never expected this from a big star.

How is Simbhu who introduced you?

He is nice man. He is totally different person. When I was offered the role many people in Mumbai told me not to accept this offer. They spoke negatively by saying that they will call you to act but they will not make you act properly. But Simbhu introduced me in a good way. He taught me everything. He taught me how to deliver the dialogue and how to show the expressions. He taught me about costumes, dances and even makeup. On the whole I am Simbhu’s discovery.

It looks like you have decided to do glamour roles in Tamil films after the dance sequence you did in Silambattam?

I want to be a stylish and simple girl in Tamil cinema. I want the younger generation girls to follow me.

Do you comprise with the flesh exposing scenes in Tamil cinema?

When compared to Mumbai, flesh exposure is comparatively less in Tamil cinema. So there is no problem for me. First we should adore our body. When you have beautiful features there is nothing wrong in acting in glamorous roles. Why should we do rigorous work outs to maintain our body. It is to make one look beautiful. So there is no point in acting covering our body.

Is it not wrong for Bollywood actresses to act in Tamil languages without knowing Tamil?

I will not do that mistake. I will become an expert atleast to understand the language shortly.

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