Exclusive Excerpts of Aarya-Pooja exclusive show

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We’re sure none could have missed the most happening show on Vijay TV for Valentine’s Day. Indeed, the much appealing promos of Aarya lifting Pooja on his shoulders had grabbed everyone’s expectations. Both the celebrities appeared as special guests for ‘Koffee with Anu’ Valentine’s special.

There were some of the interesting sequences that could get us all entertained.

As soon as Pooja entered the studios, Aarya lifted her up on his shoulders…

One surprising factor was that Pooja openly agreed that she’s black in complexion and that helped her most while enacting the role of blind beggar in ‘Naan Kadavul’. Also she mentioned that for the first time, she was sent to beg inside a bus depot, Pooja got a collection of Rs.45 within couple of minutes. Also she was offered cool drinks by an old lady as well served a food.

When asked Aarya with who does he shares best on-screen chemistry? He answered, ‘I have no options other than Pooja as I have paired up with her for half of my films’.

Fine! What Pooja never likes about Aarya is that he has lots of girl friends (Did she mention Nila???) and requested it would be nice if he cuts down the list. Or else that would create problem within his family in future.

Qualities that Pooja loves to see in her future husband… ‘He must love pets… Doesn’t worry Aarya hate animals and in no way I would marry him’ added Pooja jocularly.

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