‘Everybody is asking me whether I am Revathi’s daughter’ says Poorna

Actress Poorna was introduced as a heroine in Muniyandi Vilangiyal Mundram Aandu. Basically she belongs to Cannanore in Kerala State. Currently she is pairing with Parthiban in the film Vithagan produced by Seventh Channel Manickam. When met her at the shooting spot she was practicing rifle shooting. She said that she was practicing because there is a scene like this film. She said that this is the first time she is handling the gun and she is a little bit scared.

Poorna who completed her practice was asked what was the reason for all the Kerala heroines to come to Tamil cinema, she said, “The reason is that Tamil audience are attracted towards Kerala girls. She also added,” There is melancholy in Kerala because all the actresses have come to Kollywood.” We asked her whether she is related to actress Revathi since she looks like her. She said, “Atleast you are asking me whether I am related to her. Many are asking me whether I am her daughter.” Poorna wants to do mischievous roles like Nadhiya and earn a good name.

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