Ennamo Nadakuthu Movie Press Release and Technicians List


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Yennamo Nadakkuthu
Press Release

We all know that Colour WHITE symbolizes purity, harmony, righteous way etc and BLACK colour sends across messages like evil and negative vibration. Any poster or design or art work is done with these concepts in mind…But what about a movie poster which has got a beautiful but tricky blend of both the shades??? True to its title ‘Yennamo Nadakkudhu’!!!

Black and White photos or posters are not new to the audience. But the way this black and white effect is used to create a specific mood and feel is unique and interesting. The director and the designing team have to be lauded for these out of the box approach…The impact of the posters are clearly felt when seen. All the characters in the posters including Hero Vijay Vasanth, Prabhu, Rahman and Thambi Ramaiah look peculiarly interesting portraying clear shades of white as well as grey/black. This movie is sure to surprise and thrill the audience with its screen play and unique characterization.

Talking about the characterization, another highlight of the movie is national award winning actress Saranya’s role. Saranya madam has proven one and all what a versatile performer she is…and she plays my mother in this movie..I would love to recall the fact that all her movies as mother have gone on to become a huge hit like SMS, OKOK, Emdan magan etc and I am sure this streak will continue with Yennamo Nadakkudhu also…highlight of her characterization is that she speaks local Chennai slang throughout the movie, first time in her career, as her character in the movie is such.. Says Vijay Vasanth

Triple V records presents

Yennamo Nadakkuthu


Vijay Vasanth






Thambi Ramaiah

‘Kalavani’ Thirumurgan

John Vijay

Crew List

Producer : V.Vinoth Kumar

Director : P.Rajapandi D.F.Tech.

Music Director : Premgi Amaren

Director of Photography : A.Venkatesh

Editor : Praveen K.L. – Srikanth N.B.

Art Director : M.S.Jayakumar M.F.A.

Stunt Director : K.Ganeshkumar

Costume Designer : Dakshayini

Dialogues : Radhakrishnan

Production Executive : M.S.Oli

Stills : Murugan

P.R.O. : Suresh Chandra

Designs : J.A.Abdhul

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