Electrotherm’s pioneers with a stunning endeavor

Ever imagined about 40ton Furnace with capacity of production about 1.6Lacs Metric Ton per annum that offers a turnover of 2000Cr for 2009-10? Electrotherm announces its successful installation of World’s largest medium frequency Induction Melting Furnace for Steel Melting application.

It has been supplied to M/S Mahalaxmi TMT, Wardha and it can produce 40ton furnace powered with 14000 KW and can produce the above mentioned quantity. Mr. Shailesh Bhandari, the managing director of Electrotherm (India) Ltd. Says that being a pioneer in every development of Induction Melting Furnace, they want to provide the efficient ways of making steel.

Electrotherm happens to the top-charting company listed on BSE. Well known for its unmatched technological leadership for more than two decades, it provides Ferrous and non-ferrous foundries and metal melting industry by manufacturing Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnaces….

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