‘Eeram’ Aadhi has his big letdown with RGV

‘I’m very much busy with Ram Gopal Varma’s project. So don’t disturb me anymore as there are no call sheets’ said Aadhi to all the producers of Tamil film industry. Soon after the success of ‘Eeram’, Aadhi had more offers in town including that off Ram Gopal Varma for his upcoming film ‘Raktha Charitra’.

Vivek Oberoi will play the lead role of ‘Parithala Ravi’ while Suri’s character by Surya. The Telugu and Tamil parts were supposed to have Vivek Oberoi’s role enacted by Aadhi. But all of sudden, Vivek himself has been assigned to do the lead role in all three versions.

RGV himself revealed that he will work with Aadhi in next project which will take off in 2010.

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