‘Don’t get married please’ – Kamal Haasan’s shocking surprise

Padmashree Kamal Haasan hasn’t been a super actor, but an close-to-heart person who constantly takes part in social activism. And recently, he came up with a shocking statement insisting everyone not to get married.

As he interacted with the media channels, Kamal said, “We get to witness that marriages are surely landing up in troubles and separation. Instead they can avoid getting married to avoid them. I married Vani and Sarika as they loved me. But then, I was broken down in spirits when they neglected me.’

Immediately, one of the journalists shot out a question, “Then why did you marry Sarika after she gave birth to your daughters?” for which the actor replied, “It was difficult booking hotel room and to lead our life. My daughters were in need of mom. But now they don’t like to meet her anymore. They are major and have the right to vote. So, I haven’t got anything to do with their decisions…”

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