‘Don’t compare Krish with Kandasamy’ – Vikram’s statement

Actor Vikram has pinned to rock higher with successful colors on his forthcoming couple of projects. With Mani Rathnam’s ‘Raavan’ getting him on the last legs of schedule, his protégé Susi Ganesh has got ‘Kandasamy’ completed. As everyone in the film’s crew revealed Kandasamy is a superhero film, Vikram was questioned whether it would be equally enhancing as Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Krish’.

Immediately, the actor came up with a statement, ‘Krish is nowhere near Kandasamy. It was a ridiculous film made with merely top-notching technical aspects. But here, we have focused on both narrative as well technical vistas. They’re sure about mind-boggling the audiences…”

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